You know what they say...

"Don't judge a book by its cover..."

Well, so much for that!

It seems like everyone judges books by their covers. And once they open those covers, they judge books by their insides, too. 

Let me make your book look as good as it deserves. Let me make it look smashing!

I've done dozens of design projects, including the cover for an Amazon.com bestseller.

I'm easy to work with and inexpensive.
(Seriously--I dare you to find a book designer with better prices!)

And if you're needing any other kind of graphic design, chances are I can do it!

And even if you're not in need of graphic design, take a look around anyway--there are some pretty fun things to see.

All the best, and God bless!

NOTICE: We are re-working our pricing structure.

Cover design- from $39

eBook formatting - from $20
Paperback formatting - from $80
eBook + paperback formatting - from $90 (save $10)

3D covers - from $5
Bookmark Design - from $20
Desktop Wallpaper Design - from $20
Social Media Headers - from $15